Speech & Debate

Speech & Debate Results from Friday, February 5th, 2021

Congratulations to the Speech and Debate team! They did very well at their virtual tournament last Friday night! 


Debate | Varsity

1st place - Cole Mazurano and Tristyn Bruning

5th place - Delaney Kintz and Maddi Ward

6th place - Beatrix Payne and P.J. Weiser


Debate | Junior Varsity

1st place - Denver Ryan and Cadence Patterson

5th place - Cyrus Toms and Adeline Freytag


Speech | Humorous Interpretation

1st place - Raylynn Best

5th place - Bella Kendrot


Speech | Poetry

2nd place - Maddi Alexander


Speech | Original Oratory

2nd place - Leah Gilmore


Congratulations, Wizards!