Bell Schedule

WMS Bell Schedule

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2 Hour Delay Schedule 2021-22

As you may have read , we’re experiencing a substitute pool shortage. This, combined with COVID-19, may lead to a potential staffing shortage. While in-person learning is our top priority, we want to be prepared in the event that a school or portion of a school cannot operate due to a staffing shortage.  In the event of a staffing shortage, an entire school or portion of a school may move to remote learning. The district will work with those affected to communicate the schedule change as quickly as possible.

In case of remote learning scenarios, we will utilize these schedules: 

Multi-day Shortage (The first day of a multi-day shortage will be utilized for teacher preparation, as well as Chromebook distribution for elementary students. While teachers will utilize the day for planning, students will not report to school online or in person that first day.)

Single-day Shortage (If the school closure is unexpected and only planned to be a single day, elementary students will not participate in remote learning. Elementary staff will shift to team planning or professional development. Secondary students will follow a modified bell schedule in a remote learning capacity with Google Meet check-ins for attendance and learning expectations at the beginning of each class period.)