Co-Curricular Athletic Mission Statement

The co-curricular offerings here at Windsor Middle School are a key element of the total experience that students will have during their time with us.  Our mission is to provide experiences outside of the traditional classroom situation which will stimulate the growth of our students and athletes.  To achieve our mission, we must be dedicated to the following principles.

We must provide our students and athletes with meaningful, expanded learning experiences and opportunities to grow as individuals.  These opportunities should enhance school pride for all programs by fostering cooperation and developing positive relationships amongst all programs and individuals.  The result should be rewarding experiences that translate to other outlets beyond middle school.

We must provide our co-curricular staff with a positive environment that is conducive to success.  We will strive to develop strong professional relationships amongst all staff members and encourage cooperation between all programs.  Support will be provided that enables the coaching staff and sponsors at WMS to help students develop attitudes which will benefit them throughout their lives.

We must constantly work to improve the relationship between our school and the community that it represents through involving parents and the general public. This involvement must be encouraged to follow constructive, positive guidelines.  Co-curricular programs are a partnership of these groups; only through joint efforts will our programs be able to demonstrate consistent levels of improvement.

Programs structured and conducted with these principles in mind will allow us, the athletic and activities staff, along with parents and the community, to realize the positive impact that our co-curricular programs have on the overall educational experience at Windsor Middle School.


ATHLETIC ITEMS REQUIRED: Please have athletes bring appropriate attire for their sport. Athletes should bring water and sunscreen if going outside! All athletes must have a completed:
  • Sports Participant Form/Proof of Insurance
  • Emergency Information Card
  • Athletic fee turned in before REGULAR practice (this includes the physical too)
Students will not be allowed to participate without these materials. These forms can be picked up in the office. If you need school insurance for your child, please look under the above menu Parents > Student Insurance for that information.

​Athletic Director: ​Joshua Cox
Phone: 970-686-8219
email: [email protected]