Attendance Policy

ATTENDANCE -Regular and punctual attendance is expected of every student at Windsor Middle School, and is required by Colorado School Law and the Windsor Board of Education Policy JE/JEA. As well as being a statutory requirement, regular attendance fosters a positive attitude and increases student performance and success. Students and parents or guardians are responsible for meeting these requirements. 

On those occasions when a student must be absent, please adhere to the following procedures:

                a.Parent or guardian, please call the school (686-8205) by 9:00am or stop by the office to report your child's absence. If the office has not been contacted about an absence, please send a written excuse with your student. When they return to school, the student will bring the excuse to the office.

b.If you know ahead of time that you will be gone, arrange for a “Planned Absence Sheet” from the office. This will also permit your student to get assignments before leaving. Parents of a student being gone five consecutive days or more are encouraged to meet with the student's team of teachers before or after the absence to discuss schoolwork and ensure that it will be made up.
               c.If the school has been contacted about a late arrival, the student, upon returning to school, will report directly to the office to obtain a pass to class.  The responsibility for make-up work rests with the student. The student must check in with the teachers on the day he/she returns to get the work missed. The teacher will set a deadline for make-up work to be turned in. Parents and guardians are encouraged to have their student communicate with teachers during this time. Often times staying after school is necessary to complete all make-up work. 

Student absences are divided into two categories: excused or unexcused:

1. Excused:

a.illness, injuries. *** After 11 absences due to illness a doctor’s note maybe required to excuse further absences.***

b.death in the family.

c.bad weather (can cause transportation problems).

d.doctors, dentists, etc. appointments (please schedule these at times other than school hours if at all possible).

e.parent request - the office is presented with a request from the parent before the absence. We ask that these be kept to a minimum, as attendance is directly related to academic success. Work may be given to the student to be completed before leaving.

f.emergency - unavoidable and critical. instigated absences - counted as if present in class. All work missed needs to be made up. EX: field trips, athletic events, band.

2. Unexcused:

                a.The determination of an absence as excused or unexcused rests with the building principal, assistant principal, or designee.

                 b.Unexcused is any absence other than excused. This includes students staying at home in the morning to "sleep in" because they are tired or staying at home to finish school work.

c.The entire time missed with unexcused absences will be made up by before or after school detentions or, with habitual absences, all day in-school detentions. Suspensions can also result for continual willful disobedience or open defiance of school regulations.

d.Leaving the school for lunch is allowed with a parent only over the student’s lunch period. If gone longer than the lunch period, students will be marked unexcused and time will need to be made up before or after school.

Parents will be contacted and an attendance letter sent to students with excessive absences. A doctor's note verifying an illness may be required after 11 absences due to illness.